Bad smells

Hello one and all, hope you are all enjoying this nice warm whether we are getting lately!

I notice that my blog posts often relate to nice scents and smells but what about bad smells? I have thought of this as I am currently sitting here writing this whilst my nostrils are being bombarded with a bad aroma of a dinner which is not pleasing to my senses.

A bad aroma worth mentioning here is that of body odor, the experience of being in a cramped space with no way to escape the smell is one i’m sure we’ve all know. Interestingly though a study has shown that bad body odor can actually create feelings of pity and empathy towards that person? Do you agree with this?

Another study reveals that when it comes to the opposite sex, 80% of British people are turned off by bad smells above all else. This study is well worth looking at as it also concludes the votes of a poll carried out on who British people think the best and worst smelling celebrities are!

So after all of these interesting (and sometimes humorous) studies, it has got me thinking to what your least favourite scents are?

Look forward to reading some comments!


New study

A new and very interesting study conducted by Alternatives finder and published by the Daily Mail has revealed how supermarkets use music, touch, colour and scent in order to encourage you to purchase products and prolong your stay within a store or restaurant.

The study on scent was very interesting in the way it noticed how shops use certain scents in order to target specific people and encourage you to perceive an area in a different way. For example Pumpkin pie and lavender arouses men and apple and cucumber helps to perceive the room as bigger. Furthermore it found that customers are more likely to spend 10% more when the product has been scented. The article is very interested and can be accessed here.

My question to you all is: Do you notice scents around any supermarkets and do you feel as though this consciously affects your buying decisions?

Article accessed 06/03/2015

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