Bad smells

Hello one and all, hope you are all enjoying this nice warm whether we are getting lately!

I notice that my blog posts often relate to nice scents and smells but what about bad smells? I have thought of this as I am currently sitting here writing this whilst my nostrils are being bombarded with a bad aroma of a dinner which is not pleasing to my senses.

A bad aroma worth mentioning here is that of body odor, the experience of being in a cramped space with no way to escape the smell is one i’m sure we’ve all know. Interestingly though a study has shown that bad body odor can actually create feelings of pity and empathy towards that person? Do you agree with this?

Another study reveals that when it comes to the opposite sex, 80% of British people are turned off by bad smells above all else. This study is well worth looking at as it also concludes the votes of a poll carried out on who British people think the best and worst smelling celebrities are!

So after all of these interesting (and sometimes humorous) studies, it has got me thinking to what your least favourite scents are?

Look forward to reading some comments!



The common cold, yes i’m sure we’ve all had it; the run down feeling, the hoarse voice and yes the blocked nose.

A symptom of the common cold can be a temporary loss of taste and smell. I don’t know if it is just me but this has to be one of the worst scenarios when getting a cold; unable to smell your breakfast cooking, the fresh air outside, or even your favourite perfume. For me, not being able to smell all of these things can make me feel even more under the weather when ill!

I think when getting a cold and the possibility of temporarily losing your sense of smell really helps you appreciate your nose and scent even more. To be able to smell and appreciate the rich scents of the world is truly something we should never take for granted.


Image taken from: Accessed: 13/03/15

New study

A new and very interesting study conducted by Alternatives finder and published by the Daily Mail has revealed how supermarkets use music, touch, colour and scent in order to encourage you to purchase products and prolong your stay within a store or restaurant.

The study on scent was very interesting in the way it noticed how shops use certain scents in order to target specific people and encourage you to perceive an area in a different way. For example Pumpkin pie and lavender arouses men and apple and cucumber helps to perceive the room as bigger. Furthermore it found that customers are more likely to spend 10% more when the product has been scented. The article is very interested and can be accessed here.

My question to you all is: Do you notice scents around any supermarkets and do you feel as though this consciously affects your buying decisions?

Article accessed 06/03/2015

Twenty Second day of Scentmas

It’s so close to Christmas now!

We only have two more days left of Scentmas and then it will be Christmas eve!

So today’s day of Scentmas is coffee. The raw, pure smell of a coffee bean is an unmistakable smell. Breathing in a fresh bag of coffee releases an indulgent aroma.

The smell of coffee has recently been produced into being used in sprays and air fresheners, you can even buy a coffee scented car air freshener.

Coffee is definitely on the list for ones of my favourite smells, interestingly I don’t particularly like the taste of coffee, except as a mocha. But the smell is truly irresistible.


Image taken from: Accessed: 22/12/2014

Fifteenth day of Scentmas

Happy Monday morning one and all! Only ten days till Christmas!

So today we are going to mark the countdown to Christmas with the scent of blackcurrant. Blackcurrant is an unusual smell but one which should be embraced and deserves to be on the Scentmas list.

Interesting Blackcurrant has a variety of health benefits; aiding joints and boosts vitamins in the body.

However the smell of blackcurrant is a very deep smell, very different to other fruits a very bold flavour indeed and one which I am excited to share on the Scentmas list.


Taken from: Accessed: 15/12/2014

Second day of Scentmas

On the second day of Scentmas we have Cinnamon!

That’s right! What more of a Christmas scent could you ask for. A traditional, warm, spicy, relaxing scent which would simply fill any home or space with a Christmas feel.

Cinnamon is sourced from the inner bark of specific trees and has a variety of different uses; as a spice, as an aroma or even used in alcoholic beverages. It can even be found in doughnuts!

The Cinnamon ‘stick’ is probably one of the most common sites of Cinnamon being used at Christmas time with its golden-yellow colour. People sometimes wrap them up together in bows for decoration or even combine them with Orange for a really distinguished smell.

cinnamon sticks close up 1

Image taken from: 2/12/2014

Christmas scents

Firstly let me begin by apologising for my blogging delay, I have been away over the past few weeks exploring the scents and smells around at this time of year; the scents of 1416486017461Christmas! Yes, that’s right this time in 4 weeks it will be Christmas eve!

So to celebrate that Christmas is just around the corner each day in December I am going to be choosing a scent of Christmas and explaining it’s scents and aromas and why it is in the top 25 for Christmas scents.

So stay tuned and remember the 25 days of Scentmas will begin on 1st December and it’s going to be exciting!

Friday round up

So what has been going on this week on Aromaposts?

Well on November the 5th we celebrated bonfire night by asking you all what your favourite scents are for this time of year are and if any of you are attending any firework displays. I’m still waiting to hear from you all but I chose my favourite scent of this season to be the rich scent of woody damp leaves and the cold crisp in the fresh air. I have also attended one firework display so far and am going to another one tonight so very excited! So I still want to hear answers back from all of you and you can do so by commenting on my blog by clicking here 🙂

Yesterday I also blogged about ‘my dream reader’. This blog post came about after I am now an official member of the class on November ‘blogging 101’. So I was set the challenge to post about my dream reader. You can find my answer here

Unfortunately I am still yet to right up anything about animal and scent but that is because I am building up some research and information to create an in-depth blog about animals and scent so watch this space!

Until next time!

Friday round up

Welcome to this week’s Friday round up.

It has been a quieter week this week on the blog posts but what we have published has been really interesting in my eyes.

On Sunday 26th October we spoke about scenting memories where I described the variety of scents I was exposed to in my weekend such as the smell of tea, air fresheners and perfume and how these drew me back to past memories. This was really interesting as I was able to talk about how scent can draw you back to past vivid memories.

Yesterday I asked you all what your favourite scents are. This came after I had spent the day sampling some scents for some research and this lead me onto discover my favourite scent. Unfortunately we had no comments as to what your favourite scents are and why, so head on over to the blog and comment on what your favourite scent is and find out what mine is.

So this week has been another fun filled scenting week! Next week I am really excited in really starting to research animals and scents 🙂

Have a happy Halloween!

Love Aromaposts

Favourite scents

I’m really interested in finding out your favourite scents and smells. I’ve been having a think about it myself…

Yesterday I spent the day sampling some scents. There were so many different varieties and flavours; popcorn, freshly cut grass, strawberry, rose and many many more. All of these aromas were amazing full of power which drew me back to a variety of memories. However after the morning of sampling scents I then took a shower and I have to say my favourite scent is the smell of refreshing shower gel and shampoo in a hot steamy bathroom. I love the fresh scent of bathroom products which always makes me feel relaxed and energised.

So that’s my story what’s yours?

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