Easter scents

Happy Easter one and all!

Chocolate, roast dinners, hot cross buns and simnel cake. All of these food products are key things that we can associate with Easter day. The rich warming scent of chocolate, the irresistible aroma of roast dinners, the essence of a hot cross bun and not to mention the delicious scent of a simnel cake.

All of these scents can easily transport me to an Easter memory which is a fascinating thing about our sense of smell; we can detect “at least one trillion distinct scents”.

Easter also brings with it a change in the smells outside, from new flowers growing, to the grass being cut and the blossom growing on the trees. All of these incredible natural smells enhance our day to day life and so it would be interesting if you could comment on any specific smells or aromas which remind you of this time of year?

Happy Easter everyone and happy scenting!



Accessed: 05/04/2015


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