October Scents

Life on the Edge of a Soup Plate

IMG_1552Last week I had a cold and couldn’t smell very well. It made my walk in the woods much less interesting, although I hadn’t realised how much I had come to use my nose to sort out where I was!

I’m not saying I smell my way around like a dog. My residual eyesight is still my predominant sense, followed by my hearing. But when I couldn’t smell anything at all, there was a dimension that was missing.

Today, however, my nose is clear, and my walk with Ruby was just a delight.

The weather was windy and dry, though it had rained in the night. I suspect these conditions are not the best for dogs, because the wind scatters the smells and makes it difficult for them to track a scent precisely. For a primitive species like a human being, however, it’s perfect. You can just sit down, shut…

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