Friday round up

So what has been going on this week on Aromaposts?

Well on November the 5th we celebrated bonfire night by asking you all what your favourite scents are for this time of year are and if any of you are attending any firework displays. I’m still waiting to hear from you all but I chose my favourite scent of this season to be the rich scent of woody damp leaves and the cold crisp in the fresh air. I have also attended one firework display so far and am going to another one tonight so very excited! So I still want to hear answers back from all of you and you can do so by commenting on my blog by clicking here 🙂

Yesterday I also blogged about ‘my dream reader’. This blog post came about after I am now an official member of the class on November ‘blogging 101’. So I was set the challenge to post about my dream reader. You can find my answer here

Unfortunately I am still yet to right up anything about animal and scent but that is because I am building up some research and information to create an in-depth blog about animals and scent so watch this space!

Until next time!


Friday round up

Welcome to this week’s Friday round up.

It has been a quieter week this week on the blog posts but what we have published has been really interesting in my eyes.

On Sunday 26th October we spoke about scenting memories where I described the variety of scents I was exposed to in my weekend such as the smell of tea, air fresheners and perfume and how these drew me back to past memories. This was really interesting as I was able to talk about how scent can draw you back to past vivid memories.

Yesterday I asked you all what your favourite scents are. This came after I had spent the day sampling some scents for some research and this lead me onto discover my favourite scent. Unfortunately we had no comments as to what your favourite scents are and why, so head on over to the blog and comment on what your favourite scent is and find out what mine is.

So this week has been another fun filled scenting week! Next week I am really excited in really starting to research animals and scents 🙂

Have a happy Halloween!

Love Aromaposts

Friday round up

Friday round up is a weekly post from me to sum up all that I have blogged about over the past week.

On Tuesday 21st we had the first ever blog posted by me. Yes that’s right this is my first week blogging! What are my thoughts on this? It’s been a strange and addictive experience so far. I’ve been on my page every day updating everything and trying to find my feet in the world of blogging. I’m hoping to take part in NaBloPoMo next month (National Blog Posting Month) so that should be fun!

So after my first ever blog we had Scent Business also posted on Tuesday. Here I looked up some interesting statistics and research which revealed some exciting finds into what happens when we use scent in the work place. This was really interesting and something worth checking out h2013-03-31 11.30.37ere.

My final blog of the week came on Thursday 23rd where I recalled my trip into town. As you can tell by my blog name Aromaposts, my trip into town was described by explaining all of the scents and smells I experienced during my trip!

So that brings today’s Friday round up to a close. Next week I am going to start looking at animals and scent as well as how we experience scent in our day to day lives using cafes and kitchens as my case study!

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