Scented products

I’m sure many of us received a variety of perfumes and after shaves for Christmas as well as other bathroom scented products.

For Christmas I received two perfumes as well as a gorgeous candle. All of which contained unique scents; one floral, one fresh and the candle was fruity and whenever I smell these scents I am transported back to certain memories, but why?

When our receptors in our brain are stimulated, they transmit to our brain. This pathway is connected to the part of our brain which deals with emotions. That’s why our reaction to smell are that we usually either like or dislike a smell. Smells also leave long-lasting impressions and are strongly linked to your memories.(Hyperlink accessed: 14/01/2015)


Favourite scents

I’m really interested in finding out your favourite scents and smells. I’ve been having a think about it myself…

Yesterday I spent the day sampling some scents. There were so many different varieties and flavours; popcorn, freshly cut grass, strawberry, rose and many many more. All of these aromas were amazing full of power which drew me back to a variety of memories. However after the morning of sampling scents I then took a shower and I have to say my favourite scent is the smell of refreshing shower gel and shampoo in a hot steamy bathroom. I love the fresh scent of bathroom products which always makes me feel relaxed and energised.

So that’s my story what’s yours?

Scent business

Did you know that our sense of smell is the strongest of all of our senses? No? Well it’s true! With this in mind it is worth realising that by using our sense of smell we can actually enhance the way businesses work.

New research has found that certain essential oils can improve work performance either individually or as a group! This exciting research has lead to new companies and markets being set up around the globe which are incorporating scent and aroma into workplaces in order to help enhance their workforce.

According to Entrepreneur the 6 aromas which are most likely to enhance work performance in businesses are: Lemon, lavender, Jasmine, Rosemary, cinnamon and peppermint.

This is really interesting as it is surprising to learn that by just using our sense of smell we can enhance our performance, alertness and much more! It would be interesting to find out whether other industries can use scent to enhance work performance such as schools and universities.

Reference to:  Lisa Evans, 2012: Entrepreneur.

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