Friday round up

So what has been going on this week on Aromaposts?

Well on November the 5th we celebrated bonfire night by asking you all what your favourite scents are for this time of year are and if any of you are attending any firework displays. I’m still waiting to hear from you all but I chose my favourite scent of this season to be the rich scent of woody damp leaves and the cold crisp in the fresh air. I have also attended one firework display so far and am going to another one tonight so very excited! So I still want to hear answers back from all of you and you can do so by commenting on my blog by clicking here ๐Ÿ™‚

Yesterday I also blogged about ‘my dream reader’. This blog post came about after I am now an official member of the class on November ‘blogging 101’. So I was set the challenge to post about my dream reader. You can find my answer here

Unfortunately I am still yet to right up anything about animal and scent but that is because I am building up some research and information to create an in-depth blog about animals and scent so watch this space!

Until next time!


Blogging 101: Dream Reader

My dream reader of my blogs would be someone who would be interested in me writing articles for them which relates to scent and aroma. Perhaps an animal behaviourist or a scent company who want me to get on board with carrying out research for them and writning articles on behalf of them; That would be something I would love to get involved with.

Iย can’t think of much more to say on this topic, but that’s my blogging 101 assignment done for the day ๐Ÿ™‚

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