Bonfire scents

Happy bonfire night one and all!

I love this time of year. The rich smell of woody leaves, damp muddy ground and fresh bitter cold air and on top of all that it is bonfire night!

Bonfire night brings with it all sorts of smells and aromas. The warming smell of the bonfire, the crisp smell of the night air and the sweet tastes of all the goodies and treats following Halloween.

I’ve already attends one firework display so far and have two more lined up which i’m counting down the days for because I am just so excited!

So today I want to hear from you all, your favourite smells for this time of year and any firework displays you’re attending.

Enjoy this beautiful season guys!


A trip into town

The autumn months are now upon us and it is safe to say they have arrived with lots of new essences in tow. Today I took a trip into my local town to run some errands and my nostrils were filled with aromas from all around. Firstly there was the fresh scent of the cold, crisp air untouched by pollution. A gorgeous natural scent which fills me with memories of Christmas and Bonfire nights. Further along my journey and today in the center of town was market day which was packed with Blogluscious and enticing smells! There was a bread stall with fresh, locally made smelling bread. Further along was the coffee and burger van with the mouthwatering aromas of freshly cooked burgers and then there was the flower stall with the fabulous and beautiful smell of all the fresh flowers from all around.

Today has been a wonderful day full of smells and aromas which has made me welcome autumn with open arms

What new scents are you all associating with autumn this year?

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