Bad smells

Hello one and all, hope you are all enjoying this nice warm whether we are getting lately!

I notice that my blog posts often relate to nice scents and smells but what about bad smells? I have thought of this as I am currently sitting here writing this whilst my nostrils are being bombarded with a bad aroma of a dinner which is not pleasing to my senses.

A bad aroma worth mentioning here is that of body odor, the experience of being in a cramped space with no way to escape the smell is one i’m sure we’ve all know. Interestingly though a study has shown that bad body odor can actually create feelings of pity and empathy towards that person? Do you agree with this?

Another study reveals that when it comes to the opposite sex, 80% of British people are turned off by bad smells above all else. This study is well worth looking at as it also concludes the votes of a poll carried out on who British people think the best and worst smelling celebrities are!

So after all of these interesting (and sometimes humorous) studies, it has got me thinking to what your least favourite scents are?

Look forward to reading some comments!


Scent task

Hello faithful readers!

Over the next few days, I’m going to set you all a task. I would like you to go out and about in your everyday life and think about these questions.

1) What scents can you recognize? How best do you describe these smells?

2) Do these scents remind you of a specific memory? Why do you think this is?

3) What is your favourite scent? Why? Does it remind you of anything?

Thinking about these questions whilst going through your everyday life will help you to see how much scent has an effect on your life. Below I will give you my answers to the above questions.

1) Today some of the scents I recognized included: My car air freshener, the washing powder on my clothes, the smell of library books and there would have been a lot more which would make this blog continue on forever! The scents were very homely as they are scents I encounter on a daily basis.

2) If I was to encounter these scents in a different setting I would be able to easily relate them back to the primary source my brain tracks back to. For example if I smelt an artificial smell of cut grass, it would remind me of my car airfreshner

3) Finally one of my favourite scents has to be my washing powder as it is distinct and brings me happy and welcoming memories.

Happy New year!

Happy new year one and all!

Hope you all had a spectacular Christmas and a very warm and welcoming start to 2015!

We have an eventful 2015 worth of blogging coming up here at Aromaposts and I am very excited in sharing it all with you! So stay tuned here at Aromaposts

Scenting memories

So this weekend I have been exposed to a variety of scents which have managed to trigger past memories and thoughts.

Firstly I was in a little cafe and ordered a fruit tea. When the tea arrived it had an overpowering sweet smell, almost edible. Without even consciously thinking about it my mind suddenly transported me back to a bag of ‘pick a mix’ and me diving into the bottom of the bag and tucking into some strawberry laces. That’s right, the smell of this fruit tea reminded me of strawberry laces; a type of sweet I used to eat aged about 10.

Secondly and I bought a new car airfreshner. I opened 2013-07-09 21.18.54it up and hung it proudly in my car. A few hours later I returned to my car, opened the door and was greeted with the smell of my favourite bubblegum; My airfreshner had the exact scent of my favourite sweet, sickly bubblegum. Again food related but this smell transported me back to how much I love that bubblegum and how much I then craved it.

Finally and moving away from food related memories. I was walking along the street and was suddenly confronted by a strong perfume, obviously coming from the stranger walking in front of me. However this scent suddenly reminded me of one of my close friends. I had a strong memory of them, their face, voice and everything. This had only popped into my head as a result of smelling the perfume.

Overall and it has been a fascinating weekend for me and aromas. It has been so interesting to notice how much one tiny smell can draw you back to a specific date and time. I challenge you all to take some time out to just take in the scents around you and see what memories they trigger for you all 🙂

Happy smelling!

Welcome to Aromaposts

Welcome to the Aromaposts blogging page. Here I intended to post about all things scent, smell and aroma. I want to be able to discuss the use of aromatherapy on both humans and animals as well as discuss and investigate how useful and helpful our sense of smell is. I hope this will be a really exciting page which opens us peoples interests and thoughts about all things smell! Happy reading 🙂

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