Spring Scents

Good evening one and all!

I am happy to announce that it is starting to look like spring has finally sprung! Yes, I am beginning to see changes all around me; sunny days, longer daylight, daffodils and much more. Not forgetting the scents that are changing around us too.

If we cast back to autumn I published a blog on scents which remind us of Autumn, this can be found here. I would like to do the same now for spring!

I feel as though spring brings with it a range of new scents and smells. One of my favourite which I have previously blogged about has got to be freshly cut grass. Spring brings around the opportunity to start gardening and this often entails mowing the lawn. The scent of freshly cut grass is one which I feel is rich and relaxing; do you have any thoughts on this scent?

Another scent I would like to mention with spring has got to be the flowers; daffodils has got to be the main one. The possibility to bring this scent into your household too means spring can be smelt wherever you go!

Finally we cannot forget chocolate! With Easter falling in the spring months means the prospect of indulgent smelling chocolate.

I would love to here your thoughts of the the scents of spring so please leave some comments!

Happy scenting



The common cold, yes i’m sure we’ve all had it; the run down feeling, the hoarse voice and yes the blocked nose.

A symptom of the common cold can be a temporary loss of taste and smell. I don’t know if it is just me but this has to be one of the worst scenarios when getting a cold; unable to smell your breakfast cooking, the fresh air outside, or even your favourite perfume. For me, not being able to smell all of these things can make me feel even more under the weather when ill!

I think when getting a cold and the possibility of temporarily losing your sense of smell really helps you appreciate your nose and scent even more. To be able to smell and appreciate the rich scents of the world is truly something we should never take for granted.


Image taken from: http://www.nhs.uk/Livewell/coldsandflu/Pages/Coldcomfort.aspx Accessed: 13/03/15

New study

A new and very interesting study conducted by Alternatives finder and published by the Daily Mail has revealed how supermarkets use music, touch, colour and scent in order to encourage you to purchase products and prolong your stay within a store or restaurant.

The study on scent was very interesting in the way it noticed how shops use certain scents in order to target specific people and encourage you to perceive an area in a different way. For example Pumpkin pie and lavender arouses men and apple and cucumber helps to perceive the room as bigger. Furthermore it found that customers are more likely to spend 10% more when the product has been scented. The article is very interested and can be accessed here.

My question to you all is: Do you notice scents around any supermarkets and do you feel as though this consciously affects your buying decisions?

Article accessed 06/03/2015

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