Freshly cut grass

I recently obtained a new car airfreshner with the scent of ‘freshly cut grass’. This scent can be argued to be a favourite scent for people with its rich, fresh tones and clean refreshing aroma. It truly is a unique and distinctive scent.

Whilst slowing driving along through traffic queues and congested streets the fresh fragrance of cut grass pulls me to memories of spring; it brings the outdoor calmness into my car and i’m sure can help ease road rage and the stresses of rush hour.

I hope this short blog post has explained to you my new found love for all this cut grass, whether artificial or natural.


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Accessed: 26/01/2015


Your scent

After a small research project, it was revealed that the scents I am most drawn to are:

White Musk, Sandalwood and Vanilla.

White musk can be seen as a very soft scent, Sandalwood a very warm, woody scent and finally the popular sweet scent of vanilla. All of these combined seem to create my perfect aroma.

So what scents are you drawn too?

Scented products

I’m sure many of us received a variety of perfumes and after shaves for Christmas as well as other bathroom scented products.

For Christmas I received two perfumes as well as a gorgeous candle. All of which contained unique scents; one floral, one fresh and the candle was fruity and whenever I smell these scents I am transported back to certain memories, but why?

When our receptors in our brain are stimulated, they transmit to our brain. This pathway is connected to the part of our brain which deals with emotions. That’s why our reaction to smell are that we usually either like or dislike a smell. Smells also leave long-lasting impressions and are strongly linked to your memories.(Hyperlink accessed: 14/01/2015)

Happy New year!

Happy new year one and all!

Hope you all had a spectacular Christmas and a very warm and welcoming start to 2015!

We have an eventful 2015 worth of blogging coming up here at Aromaposts and I am very excited in sharing it all with you! So stay tuned here at Aromaposts

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