Nineteenth day of Scentmas

We are drawing closer and closer to Christmas now which is very exciting! So today is the scent of tea.

The warming, relaxing scent of a hot brew can make anybodies mouth water. Perfect to come home to at the end of the day; pretty much perfect for any time of the day! So much so I have bought one of my friends a box of tea for Christmas just because it will be loved so much and not just for the scent but the taste as well!

Tea is on today’s Scentmas blog because I am currently sitting here with the aroma of tea of which is freshly brewed, what can be more perfect after a long day rushing round! The scent fills my nostrils and can instantly relaxing me; here I am talking about breakfast tea. I am not so sure on Earl Grey, I think it is too much and not something drinkable; but that’s just me. Please let me know your opinions! Want to hear from some Earl Grey lovers as although I don’t drink it myself, I know it has one astonishing aroma!

Image taken from Accessed: 19/12/2014



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