Eleventh day of Scentmas


The distinctive aroma of books is enough said; it is a difficult one to describe but i’m sure everyone knows what I mean when I mention the smell of books; old or new. There is quite a scientific explanation as to why old and new books smell and both smell for different reasons which is quite interesting.

Furthermore to this, there has been an introduction of a book spray or perfume; the idea behind this is to liven up e-books and other technologies which no longer have a book smell. This is an interesting one which highlights just how much individuals love the book smell!

I have linked this scent to the Scentmas list as i’m sure a book is on the Christmas present wish list this year so if you receive a book for Christmas don’t forget to open it and take in it’s luscious aroma.


Image taken from: http://www.theguardian.com/books/booksblog/2008/jul/23/tofindyourperfectnovelsee Accessed: 11/12/14


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