Tenth day of Scentmas

On the tenth day of Scentmas we have strawberries!

This scent is as far away to winter as I think you can get but I think it can be on the list for the gorgeous, sweet, succulent aroma . The rich, sweet smell drawing you to the scent of summer, warmth and deliciousness! The thought of strawberries remind me of hot summer days.

Strawberries have a strong, sweet aroma and can compliment other scents such as chocolate. The scent of strawberries is a common one to be found in beauty products and candles due to its recognizable scent which can fill a room or make anyone pass a compliment.

This scent really does deserve to be on the list as it is a common scent found in most objects


Image taken from: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-18490749 Accessed: 10/12/14


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