Second day of Scentmas

On the second day of Scentmas we have Cinnamon!

That’s right! What more of a Christmas scent could you ask for. A traditional, warm, spicy, relaxing scent which would simply fill any home or space with a Christmas feel.

Cinnamon is sourced from the inner bark of specific trees and has a variety of different uses; as a spice, as an aroma or even used in alcoholic beverages. It can even be found in doughnuts!

The Cinnamon ‘stick’ is probably one of the most common sites of Cinnamon being used at Christmas time with its golden-yellow colour. People sometimes wrap them up together in bows for decoration or even combine them with Orange for a really distinguished smell.

cinnamon sticks close up 1

Image taken from: 2/12/2014


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