Scentmas eve!

Today is the round up of Scentmas and I hope you have thoroughly enjoyed reading all of the blogs; there are too many to link up here so if you are interested in reading any of them, just head over to my blog page and you’ll find them all under the category of “Scentmas”.

I am currently relaxing with an Aromax scent diffuser with the aroma of a scrummy chocolate orange scent.

All that is left for me to say now is I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a superb new year and I will speak to you all in the new year!

Merry Christmas!


Twenty Second day of Scentmas

It’s so close to Christmas now!

We only have two more days left of Scentmas and then it will be Christmas eve!

So today’s day of Scentmas is coffee. The raw, pure smell of a coffee bean is an unmistakable smell. Breathing in a fresh bag of coffee releases an indulgent aroma.

The smell of coffee has recently been produced into being used in sprays and air fresheners, you can even buy a coffee scented car air freshener.

Coffee is definitely on the list for ones of my favourite smells, interestingly I don’t particularly like the taste of coffee, except as a mocha. But the smell is truly irresistible.


Image taken from: Accessed: 22/12/2014

Nineteenth day of Scentmas

We are drawing closer and closer to Christmas now which is very exciting! So today is the scent of tea.

The warming, relaxing scent of a hot brew can make anybodies mouth water. Perfect to come home to at the end of the day; pretty much perfect for any time of the day! So much so I have bought one of my friends a box of tea for Christmas just because it will be loved so much and not just for the scent but the taste as well!

Tea is on today’s Scentmas blog because I am currently sitting here with the aroma of tea of which is freshly brewed, what can be more perfect after a long day rushing round! The scent fills my nostrils and can instantly relaxing me; here I am talking about breakfast tea. I am not so sure on Earl Grey, I think it is too much and not something drinkable; but that’s just me. Please let me know your opinions! Want to hear from some Earl Grey lovers as although I don’t drink it myself, I know it has one astonishing aroma!

Image taken from Accessed: 19/12/2014


Eighteenth day of Scentmas

Today’s scent is going to be popcorn.

This is quite unrelated to Christmas scents but I think it has a strong scent with memorable aromas making it hit the Scentmas list!

Popcorn; salt, sweet or toffee or any other more uncommon flavour all hold fabulous aromas and interestingly anyone often relates popcorn to cinemas which further shows just how much scent can trigger memories.

Popcorn personally reminds me of the sweet caramel scent of toffee popcorn and gets my mouth watering instantly!

Would love to hear your thoughts on this!

Look forward to another scent update tomorrow


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Accessed: 18/12/2014

Seventeenth day of Scentmas

It’s so close to to Christmas now! Only 8 sleeps to go

So today’s scent is going to be oranges!

First of all it has been said that the citrus scent in oranges can help to reduce stress and can lower blood pressure which means it has a variety of health and fitness benefits.

When peeled oranges have a very sharp scent; the citrus. Which can fill a room with the very familiar scent of oranges. Oranges smell sweet in my opinion and are very distinctive to other scents. I really do enjoy the scent of orange; in fact I think I am going to have myself an orange right now!

images (1)

Image taken from: Accessed: 17/12/2014

Fifteenth day of Scentmas

Happy Monday morning one and all! Only ten days till Christmas!

So today we are going to mark the countdown to Christmas with the scent of blackcurrant. Blackcurrant is an unusual smell but one which should be embraced and deserves to be on the Scentmas list.

Interesting Blackcurrant has a variety of health benefits; aiding joints and boosts vitamins in the body.

However the smell of blackcurrant is a very deep smell, very different to other fruits a very bold flavour indeed and one which I am excited to share on the Scentmas list.


Taken from: Accessed: 15/12/2014

Twelfth day of Scentmas

What a better way to end this week than with the scent of Chocolate.

Everyone is very familiar with the warm, sweet scent of chocolate. Recent statistics have revealed that the scent of chocolate can increase buying in supermarkets and shops which is interesting but also understandable!

There are three main types of chocolate; white, milk and plain all of which have a unique scent.

I have included chocolate in the Scentmas list because of its connection with chocolate advent calenders!

So enjoy your weekend and I look forward to continuing with the Scentmas countdown on Monday. Have a good weekend one and all!


Image taken from Accessed: 12/12/2014

Eleventh day of Scentmas


The distinctive aroma of books is enough said; it is a difficult one to describe but i’m sure everyone knows what I mean when I mention the smell of books; old or new. There is quite a scientific explanation as to why old and new books smell and both smell for different reasons which is quite interesting.

Furthermore to this, there has been an introduction of a book spray or perfume; the idea behind this is to liven up e-books and other technologies which no longer have a book smell. This is an interesting one which highlights just how much individuals love the book smell!

I have linked this scent to the Scentmas list as i’m sure a book is on the Christmas present wish list this year so if you receive a book for Christmas don’t forget to open it and take in it’s luscious aroma.


Image taken from: Accessed: 11/12/14

Tenth day of Scentmas

On the tenth day of Scentmas we have strawberries!

This scent is as far away to winter as I think you can get but I think it can be on the list for the gorgeous, sweet, succulent aroma . The rich, sweet smell drawing you to the scent of summer, warmth and deliciousness! The thought of strawberries remind me of hot summer days.

Strawberries have a strong, sweet aroma and can compliment other scents such as chocolate. The scent of strawberries is a common one to be found in beauty products and candles due to its recognizable scent which can fill a room or make anyone pass a compliment.

This scent really does deserve to be on the list as it is a common scent found in most objects


Image taken from: Accessed: 10/12/14

Ninth day of Scentmas

In order to compliment Mulled wine; today’s scent is going to be mince pies! Yes both aromas are like peas in a pod, can’t have one without the other!

The warm, spicy, full aroma of a mince pie is enough to bring a smile to anyone’s face in my opinion. It can fill a room in seconds and bring joy and memories. The compliment of the warm mulled wine scent is a mouthwatering combination which is too much to resist!

So go out today and grab yourself a warm mince pie and some delicious mulled wine.

Picture from: Accessed: 09/12/2014


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