Scenting memories

So this weekend I have been exposed to a variety of scents which have managed to trigger past memories and thoughts.

Firstly I was in a little cafe and ordered a fruit tea. When the tea arrived it had an overpowering sweet smell, almost edible. Without even consciously thinking about it my mind suddenly transported me back to a bag of ‘pick a mix’ and me diving into the bottom of the bag and tucking into some strawberry laces. That’s right, the smell of this fruit tea reminded me of strawberry laces; a type of sweet I used to eat aged about 10.

Secondly and I bought a new car airfreshner. I opened 2013-07-09 21.18.54it up and hung it proudly in my car. A few hours later I returned to my car, opened the door and was greeted with the smell of my favourite bubblegum; My airfreshner had the exact scent of my favourite sweet, sickly bubblegum. Again food related but this smell transported me back to how much I love that bubblegum and how much I then craved it.

Finally and moving away from food related memories. I was walking along the street and was suddenly confronted by a strong perfume, obviously coming from the stranger walking in front of me. However this scent suddenly reminded me of one of my close friends. I had a strong memory of them, their face, voice and everything. This had only popped into my head as a result of smelling the perfume.

Overall and it has been a fascinating weekend for me and aromas. It has been so interesting to notice how much one tiny smell can draw you back to a specific date and time. I challenge you all to take some time out to just take in the scents around you and see what memories they trigger for you all 🙂

Happy smelling!


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