Friday round up

Welcome to this week’s Friday round up.

It has been a quieter week this week on the blog posts but what we have published has been really interesting in my eyes.

On Sunday 26th October we spoke about scenting memories where I described the variety of scents I was exposed to in my weekend such as the smell of tea, air fresheners and perfume and how these drew me back to past memories. This was really interesting as I was able to talk about how scent can draw you back to past vivid memories.

Yesterday I asked you all what your favourite scents are. This came after I had spent the day sampling some scents for some research and this lead me onto discover my favourite scent. Unfortunately we had no comments as to what your favourite scents are and why, so head on over to the blog and comment on what your favourite scent is and find out what mine is.

So this week has been another fun filled scenting week! Next week I am really excited in really starting to research animals and scents 🙂

Have a happy Halloween!

Love Aromaposts


Favourite scents

I’m really interested in finding out your favourite scents and smells. I’ve been having a think about it myself…

Yesterday I spent the day sampling some scents. There were so many different varieties and flavours; popcorn, freshly cut grass, strawberry, rose and many many more. All of these aromas were amazing full of power which drew me back to a variety of memories. However after the morning of sampling scents I then took a shower and I have to say my favourite scent is the smell of refreshing shower gel and shampoo in a hot steamy bathroom. I love the fresh scent of bathroom products which always makes me feel relaxed and energised.

So that’s my story what’s yours?

Scenting memories

So this weekend I have been exposed to a variety of scents which have managed to trigger past memories and thoughts.

Firstly I was in a little cafe and ordered a fruit tea. When the tea arrived it had an overpowering sweet smell, almost edible. Without even consciously thinking about it my mind suddenly transported me back to a bag of ‘pick a mix’ and me diving into the bottom of the bag and tucking into some strawberry laces. That’s right, the smell of this fruit tea reminded me of strawberry laces; a type of sweet I used to eat aged about 10.

Secondly and I bought a new car airfreshner. I opened 2013-07-09 21.18.54it up and hung it proudly in my car. A few hours later I returned to my car, opened the door and was greeted with the smell of my favourite bubblegum; My airfreshner had the exact scent of my favourite sweet, sickly bubblegum. Again food related but this smell transported me back to how much I love that bubblegum and how much I then craved it.

Finally and moving away from food related memories. I was walking along the street and was suddenly confronted by a strong perfume, obviously coming from the stranger walking in front of me. However this scent suddenly reminded me of one of my close friends. I had a strong memory of them, their face, voice and everything. This had only popped into my head as a result of smelling the perfume.

Overall and it has been a fascinating weekend for me and aromas. It has been so interesting to notice how much one tiny smell can draw you back to a specific date and time. I challenge you all to take some time out to just take in the scents around you and see what memories they trigger for you all 🙂

Happy smelling!

Friday round up

Friday round up is a weekly post from me to sum up all that I have blogged about over the past week.

On Tuesday 21st we had the first ever blog posted by me. Yes that’s right this is my first week blogging! What are my thoughts on this? It’s been a strange and addictive experience so far. I’ve been on my page every day updating everything and trying to find my feet in the world of blogging. I’m hoping to take part in NaBloPoMo next month (National Blog Posting Month) so that should be fun!

So after my first ever blog we had Scent Business also posted on Tuesday. Here I looked up some interesting statistics and research which revealed some exciting finds into what happens when we use scent in the work place. This was really interesting and something worth checking out h2013-03-31 11.30.37ere.

My final blog of the week came on Thursday 23rd where I recalled my trip into town. As you can tell by my blog name Aromaposts, my trip into town was described by explaining all of the scents and smells I experienced during my trip!

So that brings today’s Friday round up to a close. Next week I am going to start looking at animals and scent as well as how we experience scent in our day to day lives using cafes and kitchens as my case study!

A trip into town

The autumn months are now upon us and it is safe to say they have arrived with lots of new essences in tow. Today I took a trip into my local town to run some errands and my nostrils were filled with aromas from all around. Firstly there was the fresh scent of the cold, crisp air untouched by pollution. A gorgeous natural scent which fills me with memories of Christmas and Bonfire nights. Further along my journey and today in the center of town was market day which was packed with Blogluscious and enticing smells! There was a bread stall with fresh, locally made smelling bread. Further along was the coffee and burger van with the mouthwatering aromas of freshly cooked burgers and then there was the flower stall with the fabulous and beautiful smell of all the fresh flowers from all around.

Today has been a wonderful day full of smells and aromas which has made me welcome autumn with open arms

What new scents are you all associating with autumn this year?

October Scents

Life on the Edge of a Soup Plate

IMG_1552Last week I had a cold and couldn’t smell very well. It made my walk in the woods much less interesting, although I hadn’t realised how much I had come to use my nose to sort out where I was!

I’m not saying I smell my way around like a dog. My residual eyesight is still my predominant sense, followed by my hearing. But when I couldn’t smell anything at all, there was a dimension that was missing.

Today, however, my nose is clear, and my walk with Ruby was just a delight.

The weather was windy and dry, though it had rained in the night. I suspect these conditions are not the best for dogs, because the wind scatters the smells and makes it difficult for them to track a scent precisely. For a primitive species like a human being, however, it’s perfect. You can just sit down, shut…

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Scent business

Did you know that our sense of smell is the strongest of all of our senses? No? Well it’s true! With this in mind it is worth realising that by using our sense of smell we can actually enhance the way businesses work.

New research has found that certain essential oils can improve work performance either individually or as a group! This exciting research has lead to new companies and markets being set up around the globe which are incorporating scent and aroma into workplaces in order to help enhance their workforce.

According to Entrepreneur the 6 aromas which are most likely to enhance work performance in businesses are: Lemon, lavender, Jasmine, Rosemary, cinnamon and peppermint.

This is really interesting as it is surprising to learn that by just using our sense of smell we can enhance our performance, alertness and much more! It would be interesting to find out whether other industries can use scent to enhance work performance such as schools and universities.

Reference to:  Lisa Evans, 2012: Entrepreneur.

Welcome to Aromaposts

Welcome to the Aromaposts blogging page. Here I intended to post about all things scent, smell and aroma. I want to be able to discuss the use of aromatherapy on both humans and animals as well as discuss and investigate how useful and helpful our sense of smell is. I hope this will be a really exciting page which opens us peoples interests and thoughts about all things smell! Happy reading 🙂

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